Next Steps for Those Students Who Have Successfully Completed the Startup Pakistan Entrepreneurship Training


Step- 1
International Certification in Entrepreneurship (Optional) by Cranfield University, UK


“Cranfield University UK is number 1 UK university in Executive MBA and number 6th in the world”


IdeaGist has arranged international certifications in entrepreneurship for Startup Pakistan’s Students. This certification will offer training that will provide students with hands-on experience of the tools and practices important to launch a startup. This certification is also important to prove that you have good knowledge of business and startups.


6 Online Modules

  • Understanding your market – where to compete?
  • Understanding your business model – how to compete?
  • Developing operations and reaching customers
  • Employment fundamentals
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Ready for Scale



  • To support the Prime Minister’s Startup Pakistan program, Cranfield University has waived its program fee. Cranfield certification program is available to Startup Pakistan Students for only Admin and Exam Processing Fee of PKR 12,000/-.


How to Join

  • Must complete the Startup Pakistan Training First
  • Applying for this certification you must register yourself with the email you registered at Startup Pakistan.
  • Submit Admin processing fee only in account number 03190104150926 of any Meezan bank branch. You can deposit money to the bank account using your Easy Paisa or Jazz Wallet apps.
  • Students must share the “Deposit Receipt”, “Name” and “CNIC” on this email: or WhatsApp: 0345-5179087.



  • Students Applying for Cranfield Certification Students must complete Startup Pakistan training first.
  • Deposit Admin fee PKR 12,000/- in your nearest Meezan bank


Note: Assessment will be conducted at the end of the certification, those Students who will fail to pass the assessment they can avail second opportunity to pass and clear the assessment for the certification.



Step- 2

Free Incubation for all Students by IdeaGist (A $500 VALUE)


IdeaGist is the world’s largest virtual incubator for startup ideas. IdeaGist is the main supporter of Prime Minister’s Startup Pakistan movement by providing free training to the students from universities, Madarisa’s and tech colleges.


“Free Incubation for All Students by Ideagist (A $500 Value)”


IdeaGist offers step by step process to help advance your Ideas. IdeaGist is trusted by more than 450 communities worldwide. Part of this is a support to PM Startup Pakistan Movement, IdeaGist incubation is available for free.



Services We Offer

  • Advanced learning of entrepreneurship
  • Ideation Process and due diligence
  • Incubation Process and due diligence
  • Launch & Acceleration
  • Experienced Mentors
  • Action focused process
  • Discounts and Credits from 100+ partners
  • Practical Education and Certification
  • Technology Experts
  • Co-founders
  • Investors and funding



How to Join

  • You need to complete your training and pass the final test. Test will be sent on a specific date and everyone will have one day to complete it.
  • Test for the Pilot Cohort that started in February 2020 is March 15, 2020. Please mark your calendar for the test.



IdeaGist Startup Pakistan Support team on WhatsApp at +92-301-119-8913