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IdeaGist USA is now offering Mini MBA Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Startup Pakistan’s Students. This is not a university certificate and shall not be considered an equivalent of a university degree. This certification will offer training that will provide students with hands-on experience about basics of Entrepreneurship and will develop the overall exposure about business and startups.



A. Certificate Exam and Admin fee

  • Certificate training is provided free. The Exam and Admin fee of issuing a certificate of completion from IdeaGist USA is PKR 6,000/-.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Entrepreneurship? – Professor William Aullet from MIT
  3. What is Innovation? – Professor William Aullet from MIT
  4. Profile of an entrepreneur – Sean Stephens, CEO of Treefrog
  5. Difference between invention and innovation – Jacob Morgan, 3x Best-selling Author
  6. Types of Innovation – Professor William Aullet from MIT
  7. Corporate Entrepreneurship – Prof. Paul Burns, University of Bedfordshire, UK
  8. Fostering Entrepreneurship in a company – Professor William Aullet from MIT
  9. Types of entrepreneurs – Dan Lok, serial entrepreneur
  10. Technopreneurship – Dr. Wing Lam, GlobalNxt University
  11. Social Entrepreneurship – Andy Stoll, Kauffman Foundation
  12. Where are opportunities? – Candida G. Brush, Babson College
  13. Why entrepreneurs fail? Patrick Bet-David, Valuetainment
  14. Catching an idea – Mark Rober is a YouTuber and former NASA Engineer turned Inventor/Entrepreneur
  15. Generating Ideas, Tools, and methods – Giovanni Corazza is a full-time professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum at the University of Bologna
  16. Protecting your idea – Jason Nazar, Founder and CEO of Docstoc
  17. Turning Challenges into Opportunities – Brent Seal is founder of Seal Wellness, TEDxSFU
  18. Defining a target market – Brian K. McCarthy
  19. Understanding the customer needs – Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor
  20. Understanding Competition – Patrick Bet-David, Valuetainment
  21. Sharing your idea – Serban Porumbescu and Brett Red, entrepreneurs
  22. Understanding your need for help – Andy Shirtliff, Fighting for Montana’s working families, small businesses, and our public lands
  23. Power of a team- Shawn Stratton, International teambuilding and leadership consultant
  24. Finding a mentor – Tai Lopez, Investor. Philanthropist. Mensa Member.
  25. How to recruit co-founders – Paul Lee, Partner Lightbank’s
  26. Telling your story – Gabrielle Scrimshaw, Strategy Consultant & Speaker
  27. Customer Interviews – Justin Wilcox, Serial Entreprenuer
  28. Surveys and feedback – Shep Hyken, Customer Service & CX Expert
  29. Understanding business model innovation – Mark Johnson, Innosight chairman
  30. Are you ready for your sartup? – Jen Storey, Jen is a write & editor
  31. What is a prototype? – Mariam Shaikh and Melissa Powel, Associated with Google
  32. Legal needs of a startup – Daliah Saper, a principal at Saper Law,
  33. Branding and naming your startup – Jonathan Bell, Anglo-American Branding & Naming Expert
  34. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – Daniel Isenberg, Professor at Babson College’s
  35. Stages of a company development – Ashley Alber, Investing Associate, JumpStart
  36. Registering your company in the US – Video by Seth
  37. Equity distribution in a startup -Eben Pagan, founder of Get Altitude
  38. Hiring Co-founders and vesting agreements – Paul Lee, Lightbank’s
  39. How to find a technical co-founder? Dan Martell, Award winning Angel Investor.
  40. Importance of networks – Rob Cross, Professor , University of Virginia
  41. Common services needed by a startup- 
  42. Building prototypes for physical products- by producttank
  43. Understanding patent landscape – Dolcera LLC is an international services firm 
  44. What is a minimum viable product – Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author?
  45. Developing a product roadmap – Des Traynor, Chief Strategy Officer
  46. The art of bootstrapping – Eric Bahn, Co-Founderof Hustle Con
  47. When to quit your day job? – Evan Carmichael, Youtuber
  48. Understanding lean startup – Eric Ries is a serial entrepreneur
  49. What is a pivot? – Eric Ries is a serial entrepreneur
  50. Business Plan basics – video by Business Wales/Busnes Cymru
  51. Understanding Demand Generation – Joe Paone, Director of Demand Generation
  52. Understanding Sales Pipeline – Timo Rein, Pipedrive CEO
  53. Understanding Customer Acquisition Process – Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  54. Forecasting Demand – By Edupedia World
  55. Basics of Digital Marketing – Philip VanDusen is the founder of Verhaal Brand Design
  56. Understanding Social Media Marketing – Evan Carmichael, Youtuber
  57. Understanding Search Engine Optimization – Paul, from bluehost
  58. Public Relations for Startups – Johnny Brackett,  lead for PR at TaskRabbit’s
  59. Understanding types of crowdfunding – Philip Schroeder, ESQ
  60. Crowdfunding rewards – Karla De Leon is the Co-Founder and President of
  61. Running a reward based crowdfunding campaign – Indiegogo co-founder and CEO Slava Rubin
  62. Customer Retention- Chad Hill, Hubshout CEO with Adam Stetzer, Ph.D.,Hubshout CEO
  63. Pricing Strategies – Evan Carmichael, Youtuber
  64. Cost Structures – By Dana Dajani, Content Provider, Potential
  65. Measuring performance – Erica Olsen, Management Consulting
  66. Scaling a startup – Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  67. Attracting, Developing, and Retaining talent – Chris Yeh, the co-author of the Alliance
  68. Culture for growth – Patrick Bet David, Valuetainment
  69. Introduction to Financing at growth stage – Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  70. What is your burn rate? – The PADDLEBOARDING CPA by Julie Merrill
  71. Breakeven analysis – By Boomy Tokan
  72. Types of exit strategies – Dave Crenshaw, Keynote Speaker & Author on Productive Leadership
  73. Pro-forma financial statements – By Dylan Gallagher, Founder Mlenow
  74. Business Plans and Pitch Decks – Evan Carmichael, Youtuber
  75. Understanding Venture Capital – Evan Carmichael, Youtuber
  76. Equity based crowdfunding
  77. Debt vs equity Financing – David Haber is co-founder and the CEO of Bond Street
  78. Lifetime value of a customer – Austin Brawner, BoldedMarketing
  79. Company valuation – Tim Bennett, Deputy Editor MoneyWeek
  80. Understanding Term sheets – Jay Adelson, Entrepreneur
  81. How much to give to investors? – Evan Carmichael, Youtuber
  82. Running equity crowdfunding campaign – Indiegogo Founder Danae Ringelmann


B. How to Join

  • Must complete the Startup Pakistan Training First.
  • Applying for this certification you must register yourself with the email you registered at Startup Pakistan.
  • Submit Certificate processing fee only in account number 03190104150926 of any Meezan bank branch. You can use Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash Account to transfer directly to the bank. Select bank transfer from within the Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash app.
  • IdeaGist reserves the rights to accept or deny any application and its decision shall be considered final. In the case of IdeaGist rejecting an application, admin fee will be refunded by IdeaGist.
  • Students must share the “Deposit Receipt”, with “Name” and “CNIC” on this email: or WhatsApp: 0301-1198913.


No registration is required, just submit the fee and send us the details.


C. Last date to apply

Please check for your Cohort schedule by sending a message to or contact us at WhatsApp: 0301-1198913



  • Certificate will be provided upon successful completion of assessment test. This is a certificate of completion and does not provide any university equivalency of any kind.
  • Those Students who will fail to pass the assessment they can avail multiple opportunities to pass and clear the assessment test for the certification.