Startup Pakistan is a flagship initiative by ASPIRE Pakistan, envisioned to develop a national startup ecosystem that provides young people training in entrepreneurship and helps them launch their startups, in an inclusive, scalable, and sustainable way for a Prosperous Pakistan through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


IdeaGist is supporting ASPIRE Pakistan, by offering free training and incubation to students all over Pakistan. IdeaGist is not associated with any government scheme or receiving any funding from the government or receiving any grant from any national or international organization.

Learn how to start your own ideas, take practical entrepreneurship training, get in an incubation program, and graduate from it. This program is developed for first-time entrepreneurs to provide a good view of the path ahead to establish their businesses. This program also builds a basic foundation of practical knowledge on entrepreneurship and its socio-economic impact. 


This program is available for all e.g. Students and entrepreneurs from partnering Universities, Colleges, Technical Institutions, Madaris, and early-stage startups and it is provided for free by IdeaGist in support of the Prime Minister’s Startup Pakistan program as a civic duty. If you are a potential student or entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business join this Practical Entrepreneurial program today. Learn practical knowledge in entrepreneurship, get incubated in the world’s largest incubation program to take your idea to the next level, and get Investment/funding opportunities to launch your business.

People who graduated from the program may have the following benefits, depending on their idea and commitment to bringing ideas to reality:

  • Get incubated by the world’s largest incubation program.
  • Apply for the ASPIRE Pakistan Bootcamp, a program run by overseas Pakistanis to support Pakistani startups.
  • Present their startups to Pak Angels, an Angel Investors Network by ASPIRE Pakistan.
  • National and International Certification in Entrepreneurship.
  • Get 1000s of dollars in cloud credits from Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, SendGrid, and many other cloud service-providers.
  • Access to Small Business Accelerator program to start their small business in 180 days.
  • Internship and job opportunities with IdeaGist.



Training Details:


IdeaGist is supporting PM’s Startup Pakistan program by offering its Practical Entrepreneur Training program for free to all students from partnering universities. Developed for first-time entrepreneurs to give them a good view of the path ahead, Practical Entrepreneur covers an entrepreneur’s journey through four stages of maturity. There is a fifth stage of this program called Accelerate. It is offered by IdeaGist to students that complete the 12 months main program.


Free online Practical Entrepreneur training program for first-time entrepreneurs or for people thinking of becoming an entrepreneur is now online. This is 40 hours of learning from top universities and serial entrepreneurs, covering a range of topics that are important for entrepreneurs and their teams.

Practical Entrepreneur Training Program is a collection of 90 best videos from top universities and serial entrepreneurs with a focus on the practical aspects of entrepreneurship. There is some theory that we could not avoid and we highly recommend not to skip them when you are going through the program. Also will highly recommend completing this Practical Entrepreneur Training in 8 weeks.

This Practical Entrepreneurial program is divided into eight weekly models. If you spend a few hours every week in learning, you should be able to finish the whole course in 8 weeks.


The training will conclude with a test, this will be a simple MCQ test that will come from within the videos that students watched. In addition to this test, they are also eligible to apply for the Cranfield University UK Certificate which is optional. Cranfield University is the world’s top ten MBA universities and number one in the UK. 

After the test students will be able to apply for the next stage, which is Ideation. In the Ideation stage, we will help students in polishing their idea and will assign them an experienced mentor to help them through their thinking process.



Requirements to Join


  • All men/women/transgenders holding CNIC of Pakistan
  • Aged between 18 and 45 years with entrepreneurial potential
  • Undergraduate or Graduate student at Universities, Colleges, Technical Institutions and Madaris (All majors eligible).
  • Willingness to be held accountable to monthly program goals, receiving and accepting feedback with the capacity to implement or act on suggestions.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Commitment to Learn
  • Commitment to be Consistent
  • Self-driven and self-motivated


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Before Getting Started:

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  7. Start your training and complete it within five weeks of your start date. Your start date is the date when we sent you the initial email that your application is approved.
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How to Apply for the Next Cohort:

Startup Pakistan is currently accepting applications for the next cohort. To apply, simply visit and after the initial registration, complete the application form. Here are some things to remember:

  1. if you are already registered on the IdeaGist platform, you only need to click on Login, not Join, because you are already on our global platform.
  2. If you are joining for the first time, please check your email account for a message from us to confirm your email address. Without confirming your email address your application will not be complete. If you don’t find the message, please search for a message from in your junk or spam folder.
  3. If you are registering for the first time, please use an email address that you check on a regular basis. All our messages are delivered through email and you don’t want to miss important announcements on the program.